Chico Slimani

Look behind the persona that is Chico, and you find a truly amazing story, a born entertainer who embodies the PMA philosophy, (positive mental attitude,) and a person who helps you to achieve great things.

Chico was born Yousseph Slimani in Bridgend, Wales, and returned to his father’s native Morocco at the age of two where he grew up on his grandparents’ farm. The young Chico helped take care of goats, and tend the fields until he returned to the UK at the age of 13.

He became a trainee hairdresser, an engineer, a dancer, a compere, and singer. It seemed only natural that this man of multitudinous talents should come to prominence in the UK’s favourite talent show, The X-Factor. Chico’s irrepressible attitude and showmanship captivated the nation when he jumped into Sharon Osbourne’s pool with a live microphone.

His first single, ‘It’s Chico Time’, went straight to the top of the charts for his first number one hit, and since Chico has followed his dreams of helping people to stay active, fit, and healthy. Chico made it as a finalist on Dancing on Ice, produced his own UK tour with The Russian All-Stars, and toured with the legendary Osmonds in Boogie Nights.

Chico runs a charity and aims to help underprivileged children all over the world, currently sponsoring Rainbow Child villages where they provide water for education, toilets for sanitation, seed banks for farmers, and HIV awareness programmes. They have also reached out to the Rohingya and Syrian refugees, the Rhys Daniels Trust, the Hearing Aid Trust, Noah’s Ark, James Burger Trust, Balls to Cancer, and many more, reaching over 100,000 children so far.

Chico’s passions are music and fitness, so he created Block Fit, with various styles including Dance, combat, Hiit, and yoga mediation, performed to his original music. He has trained over 700 instructors over the years and is soon expected to be working with schools across the country, to help improve general health and fitness.

Block Fit Retreats have toured in places like the Atlas Mountains, Cyprus, Bali Vietnam, Thailand Jordan, and Portugal. Chico’s Block Fit Party brings the best of the best to the fitness industry where fitness meets music from wellness, to inspirational speakers.

Not so long ago Chico had suffered a full-on stroke, and miraculously he had recovered and in under three weeks. The doctors are hailing Chico as a walking talking miracle, and can only attribute this recovery to his fitness and positive outlook on life.

His latest creation is reviving an ancient breath meditation called HUbreath that is rolling out now in the UK, and this is expected to expand globally with official Hu Breath Instructors. 

Chico is grateful to be alive and believes he is here for a greater purpose which is a mission to serve others: So whether it’s putting a smile on your face through entertainment, and fitness, or making a difference with his charity, this is all for the benefit of others, and people just like you.



Hu Breath by Chico is a form of guided meditation. Mesmerising sounds are produced through the breath, these ancient sounds are the origin of the universe and help to bring inner peace and tranquility.

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The experience changed my life and I feel better than ever.

That was an incredible class Chico, thank you so much.

Wow, I felt a kind of spiritual experience from Hu Breath Meditation and cannot wait until the next session.

I wasn’t sure what to expect but after all I am extremely pleased to of discovered Hu Breath.

Meditation has never really been my thing, until now.

I can’t thank you enough for everything. I thoroughly enjoyed the Hu Breath thank you.


More than breathtaking.




Block Fit dance Workout classes by Chico are the new way to keep active, fit, and healthy. Block Fit incorporates original styles and music from Chico himself including Dance Combat Hiit and Yoga to help keep you motivated throughout each and every session.

Block Fit makes me feel confident about myself and gives me so much energy.

You were amazing today and really lifted up my day. Thank you Chico xx

I am finally losing this extra weight, thanks Chico.

Class was absolutely brilliant! I loved the soundtracks by Chico and everything that went with it.

Thank you so much Chico, you are inspiring and I love everything that you do.

Wowzers, we had entire family at it! – We Love Block Fit.

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