HU Breath by Chico

Hu Breath combines ancient breathing techniques with, mesmerising sounds, movements, and sensory activation. Sounds are produced through the breath, and are the origin of the universe that help to bring inner peace and tranquility. 

More Than Breathtaking

Stunning scenery and exhilarating views .

Meditation and Breath Work

Oxygenating your body, and freeing your mind.

Stretches, Sensory Movements, and Grounding

Helping energy to flow, and connecting yourself to the universe.

Exquisite cuisine.

Relax and enjoy a large selection of fine foods to suite all appetites and diets. Breakfast, snacks, and dinner is all inclusive.

Activities and day trips

Walks across some of the most beautiful landscapes in the world. Hikes, and boat rides.

An Experience of a Lifetime

Life is a journey, and yours is about to begin. Hu Breath retreats are fully catered holidays with a twist. Set everything aside, and relax in paradise.